Azərbaycan Silahlı Qьvvələri Gьnь




In the time when Republic of Azerbaijan gained its independence, it has already been in the condition of war with the Republic of Armenia. Armenians who had territorial claims to the territory of Azerbaijan for the whole history occupied part of our lands along with some other forces desiring separate and divide our country, take its independence.

Those years the people, who were in the government of Azerbaijan showed their disrespectability and unreliability, didn't manage to establish Armed Forces.

As a result of the wrong policy with regard to the construction of the army, in spite of the help of the nation to the army, fighting of the brave and patriotic sons in the battles, as a whole Armed Force were developing unsuccessfully.

As a result of this, Armenian Armed Forces occupied 20% of Azeri lands; over million of our citizens were deprived of their native lands, ten thousands of people died.

Only after Haydar Aliyev's coming to the government in 1993 on request of the nation and election as President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the situation has changed completely, great impulse was given to the conduction of the main measures in the field of construction of the army in our republic, required conditions for the development of the situation in the army in the positive direction were established.

Returning of Haydar Aliyev to the government and achievement of the fire-cease in the borders created opportunities to conduct reforms not only in the field of the Armed Forces as well as other fields. Constructive works, structural reforms carried out in the membership of the Armed Forces lead to the planning of the battle tasks under the sole management, management of the military divisions according to the requirements of the military science, improvement of the personnel and finally quality reformation from the political and professional staff of the Armed Forces.

As a result of the care and attention of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev in direction of the Armed Forces, material-technical provision of the centralized army different from the previous years have improved, military consolidation and material-technical, medical provision of the divisions has improved considerably, financial-economical activity was brought into order. Distribution of the production enterprises of the Republic of Azerbaijan manufacturing the guns, military technique, military forms and equipment gave impulse to the development of the industry of the country. Special attention was drawn to the moral-psychological training of the personal personnel of the army, increase of the military sprit in the direction of the military patriotism.

During the events of October 1994 - March 1995 implementation of the military duty by Azeri soldiers confirmed once again that they have already been formed from the mental-psychological standpoint as brave and devoted personnel with the feeling of independence and devote, military divisions were cleaned off the people who consisted the criminal groups.

In spite of successes in the field in the last few years intensity of the works carried out in the strengthening of the discipline of the military divisions, order organization of the educational processes hasn't decreased, appropriate charters were prepared and manuals for the work at the appropriate level were submitted. The laws connected with various fields of construction of the army were approved and at present, perfect legislative basis for Azeri army has been determined.

At the current stage of the construction of the army, the key goal in conduction of the reforms inside the system of the Armed Forces is achievement of the full complectation of the high-trained officers, who will be serving devotedly to Azeri nation and state. Complectation of the personal personnel of the Armed Forces is carried out on the basis of the sole plan meeting military legislative acts of the Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of Azerbaijan and of consequent feature.

Due to efforts of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev, required measures in direction of establishment of the military institutions meeting modern requirements, development and improvement of the system is carried out.

With the purpose of development of the system of military education in the Republic of Azerbaijan, on 20 February 1999 President Haydar Aliyev signed decree on establishment of the Military Academy.

At present officers of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces get their education in the military academies of Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan, China, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Rumania, Hungary as well as pass various courses. Approval on education of Azeri officers in the United States has already been approved.

With the purpose of provision of the social defense of the personal personnel of the Armed Forces since 1993, important work in the direction of increase of the wages to the employees of the system of the Ministry of Security, military employees, improve of the medical, productive and material provision of the personal personnel was carried out. Material-technical bases of the military divisions, camps of the soldiers were refurbished meeting the modern requirements, special attention was drawn to the provision of the technical means of propaganda for organization of the interesting and effective time spending for the personnel.

Removal of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces from the dirty political games and political forces, filling in with the high-qualified staff from the standpoint of the moral, professionalism, improve of the equipment, carrying out construction works on the scientific basis, strengthening of the army, turning of our country into defendant of the sovereignty and independence is logical result of the works under leadership of President Haydar Aliyev, his requirements.

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