"Library is a saint place for people, nation and society, source of morality, knowledge, wisdom." H.Aliyev


On December 9th, Toktogul  İnternational scientific conference was held dedicated to 150th anniversary of Kyrgyz poet, bard, and compositor Toktogul  Satylganov, organized by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, TURKSOY, Azerbaijan National Library, and presentation of the books Toktogul  Satylganov  “Selected Works” translated into Turkish by Turksoy, “Life turning into poetry books” published by Turkish Eskishehir province into 6 languages (Azerbaijan, Turkish, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Turkmen).    

On August 18, 2014, the director of Azerbaijan National Library Karim Tahirov recieved Columbian Charge d'affaires Mr. Assad Jose Jater Pena.   

At the National Library was held presentation ceremony of the book “Humanitarian calls of XXI century” on October 10, 2011 within framework of the International Humanitarian Forum held in Baku.

On occasion of 20th anniversary of the renewal of independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan within range of events at the Sport Complex of Hand Played Games will be held II Baku International book-fair on 28-30 September.
Director and deputy directors from 11 countries will participate at this event. Books published in country printing houses in the last 3 years, also books, publishing products published in Russia, Turkey, Portugal, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovakia, Belarussia, Latvia, Moldova, and Kazakhstan etc. will be demonstrated at the book-fair.
At the end of the event books demonstrated by all libraries will be given as a gift to the Azerbaijan National Library. Presentation ceremony of donated books is expected to be held at the Azerbaijan National Library named after M.F.Akhundov.

 At the National Library was held presentation ceremony of “Muslum Magomayev: Bibliography” and “Works copied to compact dics (CD) from gramophone records preserving in the collection of the National Library’s Note Publications and Records department” on September 20, 2011.

Director general of Czech National Library Tomas Böhm was on an official visit to Azerbaijan National Librray on September 13, 2011. General director of Czech National Library Mr. Tomas Böhm along with the director general of National Luseum of Czech Republic Michal Lukes, director of Azerbaijan National Library Kerim Tahirov, vise president of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sceinces and director of the National Museum of Azerbaijan Naila Valikhanli laid a wreat on the grave of great leader Heydar aliyev and put flowers to the Martyrs' Avenue.

After director general of the Czech National Library visited Azerbaijan National Library, closely get acquainted with library, its staff, departments and work mechanism.

There, at the National Library was held round-table meeting with participation of director general of Czech National Library Tomas Böhm and leading library directors of republic.

The Azerbaijani regions Fizuli and Jabrail was occupied by the Armenians 18 years ago.

At the National Library was arranged “26 June – Armed Forces Day” on June 24, 2011. At the exhibition were demonstrated nearly 60 books about Azerbaijan army and Azerbaijani generals’.

At the National Library will be held the presentation of an English and Arabian variant of the book “The Azerbaijani culture – a message to future generations”, reflecting president of Heydar Aliyev Fund, the ambassador of goodwill of UNESCO and ISESKO Mehriban khanum Aliyeva’s cultural activity on 22 June, 2011 at 12.00.

Wide exhibition on occasion of the National Salvation Day 15th of June was opened at the National Library on 10th of June. At exhibition were demonstrated nearly 150 literatures reflecting great leader’s life and creativity, political activity.

At the National Library named afterf M.F.Akhundov are helding range of ceremonies on occasion of 20 year anniversary of gaining Azerbaijan its independence. Within framework of tis ceremonies director of the library Kerim Tahirov, director assistant Gulbeniz Safaraliyeva and head of the department Adila Abdullayeva visited military unit number N and held book round-up on 5 June, 2011 

At the National Library will be held poetry days’ of Sabir with joint afford of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Azerbaijan Writers’ Association and National Library named M.F.Akhundov on May 31, 2011 at 12.00 oclock.

At the National Library was held XI Baku Book Fair with joint organisation of Ministryi of Culture and Tourism, Association of New Writers and Artist and Azerbaijan National Library on May 27, 2011.

Azerbaijan National Library is celebrating its 88 year anniversary on May 23, 2011. We congratulate all worker staff of library and our readers with this occasion and wish them all good health, happiness, success in their job and long live.

At the National Library was opened wide exhibition on occasion of 88 year anniversary library on 21 May, 2011. At the exhibition was demonstrated publications of library and materials reflecting long historical way of library 

19 years without SHUSHA

At the National Library was demonstrated exhibition devoted to the Nation’s poet Sabir Rustamkhanli’s 65 year anniversary on May 18, 2011. Poet’s works, periodical materials written about him.


 Director of Azerbaijan National Library was on an official trip to Switzerland, Bern on 1-6 May, 2011. Within framework of this trip was signed Memorandum on mutual cooperation between Azerbaijan National Library and National Library of Switzerland on May 4, 2011. Memorandum was signed among Karim Tahirov on behalf of Azerbaijan Republic and Mrs. Marie-Christine Doffey on behalf of Switzerland Confederation.



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