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February 14 is International Book Giving Day.


Today is the “International Book Giving Day”.

It should be noted that, “International Book Giving Day” was nominated at the initiative of Emmy Brodmur, the founder of well-known “Delightful Children” website in the USA in 2012 and gained extensive support and popularity through the social media all over the world.

“International book giving day” is a day connecting all those who donate and love books.

On the occasion of the “International Book Giving Day”, kids of “Cahan” kindergarten visited the National Library and celebrated “International Book Giving Day” in the Open Library under the National Library.

The children were given books as a gift. In their turns, they also donated books to the Open Library.

In the end, the guests were photographed. Teacher Narmin Fattahova expressed her gratitude to the administration of the National Library on behalf of the children and wished success.