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Azerbaijan National Library named after M. F. Akhundov Terms of Use Rules

  1. Azerbaijan National Library named after M. F. Akhundov ( hereinafter referred to as “Library) is the main library of the republic and national bookkeeper. Its book collections are the national treasure of the Azerbaijani people and protected by the state.

  2. Library is open and free of charge to every identity-card-holding- citizen of Azerbaijan and foreign countries. Besides, paid service for additional labour ( photocopy, scan of the documents, book  order from other libraries ) can be applied too .

  3. The use of the library is available only with a reader card. The reader card should be registered at the control point. While ordering, borrowing or requiring a member of the library staff on duty, the reader should present his reader card. The reader must present his reader card, while using the services of Internet Hall and local network.

  4. When it is lost, the person should apply to the registration department. You pay fee for the new reader card.

  5. A reader card is granted on the grounds of identification documents: IDs or passports, military IDs, driving license. The copy of the adequate documents (certificate  in higher education or academic degree) should be presented in order to enroll to the scientific  reading halls. The applicant should apply personally to get a reader card.

  6. Single issue of the reader card is given to all user groups for once use.

  7. It is forbidden to transfer the reader card to another person.  In this case, the reader forfeits the right of using the library for a certain period of time.

  8. Each reader should get a control paper at the control point and fill in it, writing his first and last names and the number of the reader card.

  9. No library item is given to the reader without a control paper.

  10.  Save the control paper. If  you lose it,  inform immediately to the control point and the librarian who renders a service to you.

  11. The borrowed  item can not be transferred to another person or removed out of the control point.

  12. The item borrowed from the secondary book collection of any reading hall should be used at the same reading hall.

  13. It is forbidden to enter the library with outdoor clothes, mobile phones on general mode, cameras and big bags. They are presented to the  dressing-room.

  14. The readers who don’t obey to the library disciplines ( speaking on phone, noise-making, gum-chewing, mineral water- consuming ) aren’t allowed to enter the library.

  15.  Any person who damage, tear off, spoil the borrowed items bear responsibility under the legislation.

  16. Catalogues and card-catalogues should be used with consideration. It is forbidden to write, tear, withdraw the cards or take catalogue boxes.

  17.  The use of personal laptops is allowed.

  18. It is forbidden to plug flash drives and discs into the library computers.

  19.  The photocopy of the books and journals from the department of “Rare Books and Library museum”, bound newspapers  from “Periodical Press Room”, music handwritings from “Music publications and sound records” are available only at the department of  the Management of Electronic Resources Use.

  20. Each user should pay attention to the dress code and hygiene rules.

  21. Those obeying to all these disciplines can use the library.

  22. Those who don’t adhere “Terms of Use Rules of Azerbaijan National Library” and library disciplines (phone-speaking, disturbance, noise, damage to the Library facilities) are subject to expulsion from the library and forfeit their rights.