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Head of the Department: MammadovaArzu

Tel.: (994 12) 493 51 24

E-mail: [email protected]


General information


The department has been functioning independently since 2006.


The department duties

  1. To recruit employees with the required specialty and profession, taking the type, strategy and objectives of the enterprise  into account;

  2. To set policy and strategy of the enterprise;

  3. To select and orient employees on the grounds of their civilized qualifications, professionalism and efficiency;

  4. Good labour management in structural units;

  5. Labour rights protection.


Responsibilities of the Department

  1. To authorise and implement employee recruitment, promotion and dismissal in compliance with Labour Law, regulations , instructions and directorial orders;

  2. To keep staff records;

  3. To prepare employee personal information ; to make changes in staff performance;

  4. To create database about  the number of the staff, their behavior and improvement;

  5. To receive, to fill in and to keep employment record books;

  6. To calculate work experience; to deal with staff-related documentation ;

  7. To grant employee-performance- related references and testimonials;  

  8. Staff orientation in respective structural units after assessing their professionalism and efficiency;

  9. Staff selection with the interested chiefs of the departments; to propose on their appointments to the determined job positions; to document orders and other necessary materials required for the recruitment;

  10. Staff attestation and its methodological provision;

  11. To participate in the analysis of the attestation results and take measures for the execution of the decisions of Attestation Commission;

  12. To prepare necessary pension-insurance documents and present them to social provision bodies;

  13. To prepare reports and necessary staff performance- related references in order to present to higher state bodies and other departments;

  14. To prepare documents for staff rewarding;

  15. To prepare materials for disciplinary penalties;

  16. To analyze staff performance regularly and make suggestions for their improvement;

  17. To send employees to staff –improvement- trainings;

  18. To prepare documents in order to submit to archives, after their date expires;

  19. To provide and authorise timely-labour leaves;

  20. To authorise and enroll vacations;

  21. To manage the enforcement of internal enterprise discipline  in the structural units and adherence by the staff;

  22. To keep the record of employees’ compulsory military duties and call-ups.