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Head of the Department: Safarova Rubaba Shafi

Tel: (994 12) 598 48 69



General information


Under the copyright laws, the department deals with the enrichment of Electronic library base (in Azerbaijan, Russian and English) founded in 2006,  creation of new electronic databases through library automation system. Moreover, the department publicizes and informs the cultural and scientific attainments gained in the world and Azerbaijan via computation technologies and information networks-Internet and Intranet.


The structure

It has three units:

  • Text digitalizing unit;

  • Electronic base creation unit;

  • The unit of electronic base creation of the periodicals and series

 Main activities

  • The department creates full-text electronic resources- electronic bases of the full-text publications, manuscripts, periodicals and serial publications in the library collections in order to preserve them, eliminate lack of books and develop user service;

  • Creates, collects resources devoted to the significant days of the Republic of  Azerbaijan, the life and creativity of the prominent figures, classics on the occasion of their jubilees; creates and enriches electronic databases;

  • The  full-text resources created are added to the Azerbaijani, Russian and English sections of electronic (digital) library and other electronic databases for the users.

Main activities

  • Creates full-text electronic version of items  through digital tools, robot-scanner and adequate programs;

  • Edits full-text resources created;

  • Transfers these resources to Internet and Intranet and creates “interface availability”to those resources for the use of readers.