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Head of the Department: Jafarova Amina Rafiq

Tel.: (994 12) 493 98 96

E-mail: [email protected]

General information

After the Scientific-Information Center on Culture and Art was established under the former V. I. Lenin State Library of the USSR, the other state libraries across the republic also joined to the scientific-information system. Scientific-information center on Culture and Art started its activity in 1975.
It was renamed “Information on Culture” in 2006.
As of 2009, February, the department under its new name - The Department of the Analytical Electronic Database Management continues its activity, meeting the requirements of library automation process. It deals with reference-information service in the cultural, art, economical, medical and other fields.


It has two sections:

  • The unit of analytical database management;

  • The unit which adds full version of analytical records to web-portal.


  • The key duty of the department is to add the valuable articles- selected from the Azerbaijani and Russian periodicals- about our republic to the electronic catalogue of the library.

  • The department analyses the materials about the social-political and cultural events, significant days, and other fields of science- culture, art, economy and others (The laws, decrees, orders of the Republic of Azerbaijan, cultural construction, cultural relations, library work, tourism and regions); using the latest description method, adds their analytical and full versions  to the electronic catalogue, and provides the top seniors, specialists with information;

  • All these materials are compiled according to QOST 7.1.-2003 Analytical Bibliographic Description Standards.

 Main activities

  • The department implements its duties via VTLS-Virtua system applied in the biggest libraries of the world;

  • Compiles bibliographic guidebook  “New Literature on Culture, Art and Tourism” on the basis of the materials which are added to the electronic catalogue each month;

  • Full versions of most of the analytically –described- items are added to the electronic database;

  • Significant but incomplete articles transferred to the electronic catalogue are scanned and added to the electronic catalogue with their full versions.