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Head of the department: Ibrahimova Gulara Aydin


Tel.: (994 12) 493 06 35
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General information

Since the National Library named after M. F. Akhundov was established in 1923, the Library Collection Acquisitions Department continues its activity. Beginning from 1925, it extended its activity by acquiring mandatory issues of the books from various republics’ book chambers. Now the department deals with the acquisition of library collections with world-famous publications and other informative materials in different languages.  Under Article 15 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “on Library Work” approved with the 611-1 decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated 29 December of 1998, four copies of printed materials published by governmental publishing houses, polygraphy institutions and other legal entities, 2 copies of all newspapers and journals published across the republic are sent freely to the National Library. Library Collection Acquisitions is carried out by the staff of separate secondary book collections set up through different sources within the library.

Acquisition sources are listed below:

  1. Republic publications- ( mandatory issues)
  2. Domestic book exchange
  3. International book exchange
  4. Republic Book stores
  5. Supreme Attestation Commission
  6. Heydar Aliyev Foundation
  7. Subscription
  8. Gifts
  9. Different embassies, international organizations, scientific Institutions and so on.

According to the information, dated 1st January of 2014, the collections of the National library comprise of 4.560.301 items.  2 377048 of them are books and pamphlets, and 2 183 253 of them are other documents.


  • Pre-Registration section of the literature
  • Accounting section of the library fund
  • Recruitment section of the national literature
  • Periodicals section


  • Recruitment of the fund with new literature and the publications of the previous years, and to keep general and individual records of the literature.
  • To inform readers by writing a short bibliography of the entered literature through electronic catalog. Providing information about the new literature on "a new Literature" section of Library site. The inclusion of the entered publications to the electronic catalog.

Areas of activity

  • The missing literature is obtained from different libraries, Manuscripts Fund of Azerbaijan Republic, the National library of the Russian Federation and from other organizations in order to complete the fund of Azerbaijan literature archive.
  • Acquisition is carried out through various sources
    • Obligatory (free) copies
    • Swapping (republic and international)
    • Gifts (individuals, organizations, authors, embassies)
    • Subscription
    • Other organizations dealing with book trade (book shops, libraries and other collector)
    • Scientific-research institutes
  • Since 1994, the library has been buying doctoral and PhD theses, as well as their synopsis of thesis from the Supreme Attestation Commission under Azerbaijan Republic President

By the order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic, No. 56, dated 12 January 2004, the books of classics published in Latin alphabet and donated to the library are staffed through the reserve fund; So far, nearly 1138 copies of the periodicals in 572 types have been included to the Periodicals section. 58 of them are Azerbaijani magazines, and 89 of them are Russian magazines; 232 newspapers are in Azerbaijani and 31 newspapers are in the Russian language; 35 scientific works are in Azerbaijani, and 51 scientific works are in the Russian language, and there are also 31 types of regional newspapers. Periodicals section at the same time, replenish the periodicals published outside the country.