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Head of the Department: Mammadli Sayyara Oruj

Tel.: (994 12) 493 18 06


The structure

  1. Bibliographic description unit

  2. General Alphabetical Catalogue


It describes Azerbaijani and Russian items bibliographically, creates alphabetical catalogue and regularly carries out the scientific and technical correction of the department’s catalogue system. Beginning from 2004, it describes national materials published in the Russian language in Azerbaijan and submits to the Archive Department of Azerbaijani Literature.

The cards printed for the items described at the bibliographic description unit are edited and inserted in the following catalogues:

  • the general alphabetical catalogue of various items in both Azerbaijani and Russian;

  •  the catalogue of Archive Department of Azerbaijani literature (together with the item);

  • the catalogue of  the Electronic Dissertation Collections ( together with the item);

  • the catalogue of Rare Book Collections (together with the item);

  • the Dissertation and Author abstract catalogue  of Scientific Systematization Department for the systematic arrangement;

  • the general alphabetical catalogue of  Azerbaijani and Russian author abstracts and dissertations;

  • General alphabetical catalogue of items.

Main activities

  • General alphabetical catalogue is for domestic service. The cards of all types of items in Azerbaijani and Russian have been inserted in the catalogue. Users get more exact and detailed information from this catalogue.

  • User-alphabetical catalogue was created in 1938. The cards of items covering from 1950 to 1913 have been inserted there.

  • Alphabetical catalogue of author abstracts is for domestic service. It was created in late 1974 when the author abstracts were acquired regularly.

  • Dissertation catalogue was created in 1994 when the department received dissertations.

  • The items inserted in general and user alphabetical catalogues are arranged by format, shifted from systematic code. In general alphabetical catalogue doublet numbers of archive items are registered in their catalogue cards.