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Head of the Department: Abdullayeva Adila Tariyel

General Information

Beginning from twenties of the XX century, methodical activity of the National Library gradually developed. First components of this activity are associated with the library campaign launched in USSR and as well as in Azerbaijan in 1929. For methodical guide to the regional libraries, it made a wide work plan on October, 1929. The development and management of methodical activity started with the establishment of Library Science Cabinet under the National Library in 1936. So, methodical guide system upgraded, visits to city, regional and village libraries, the number of methodical recommendations, guidebooks and letters increased, events in the regions were held. However, the Cabinet’s authority was handed over to People's CommissariatforEducation in 1939. Library science and Recommendation Bibliography Cabinet was designated at the National Library named after M.F. Akhundov and its regulations were approved. It played an important role in the establishment of a separate methodical department. The department of Scientific Methodical Department on Library Science was founded in 1960. Up to date, the department continues its activity at different directions.

It was renamed “Methodical Guide for Libraries” on March, 2011.



  • It promotes a methodical guide to all libraries across the country, irrespective of their management and types:

    • To build contemporary library-information infrastructure with the application of new technologies in that field;

    • To improve user service level to world standards;

    • To enrich book collections;

    • To create, maintain  and preserve  electroniclibraries;

    • To create necessary circumstances for the development of intellectual potential and knowledge of people.


  • Promotes the development of regional and city libraries, automaton of library processes, creation of digital library, electronic catalogues and the website of centralized library system, methodical guide on the use  of Internet search engines in service process and the application of progressive experience in regional libraries

  • Holds staff trainings for the publicity and application of new service tools introduced to the users by the National Library;

  • Compiles and publishes methodical guidebooks, recommendations on the current problems and other issues of Library work regarding to the application of new technical tools.


Main activities

  • The written and oral requests of the adequate departments of the National Library, Centralized Libraries, Baku-based libraries and some city libraries are responded and methodical guide is given;

  • They pay visits to the regions and exchange their experience;

  • Draws methodical guidebooks and recommendations, distributes published materials to the regions;

  • Holds inter-regional seminars in the regions;

  • Learning experience of leading libraries, promotes its application in other libraries.