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Head of the department: Jafarova Mehriban Nizami

Tel.: (994 12) 498 71 62
E-mail:  [email protected]


 General information


Since the library came into existence, it has dealt with the publication of methodical materials on professions, guidebooks and the materials about the significant days in a variety of content, documents for the seminars, meetings, bibliographic guidebooks and so on.  All these were fulfilled by separate departments. To avoid such separation, it was necessary to create a new unit. So, Publishing department was designated under the Department on Scientific Studies in 1980. Publishing department became an independent department in 1981. At present the department continues its activity under the name of “Publishing works”.



  • To prepare all the materials for publishing under the accepted norms pursuant to the Government standart.

Main Activities

  • According to the work plans of the departments- Bibliography on Country Studies, Library Scientific Studies, Methodical Guide of Libraries, Analytical Electronic Database Management, Printed materials Registration and National Bibliography, the department manages its publishing activity.

  • Edits and corrects all to be- published -materials presented by the National Library and other republic libraries.

  • Designs all publishing materials and the covers of all published materials necessary for the events, conferences and presentations held at library.

  • Provide the students, graduates and master students of the Library Science –Information Faculty, Cultural-Educational School with the publishing resources.