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Head of the Department: Melek Hajiyeva Mammad

General information

The department began its work in 1975. In order to research some issues in the field of Library Science, during 1975-1990 the department conducted studies on the themes such ad- “ The role of Book and Reading in rural life of Azerbaijan ”, “ Reader request and reading dynamics in public libraries”, “The interest in the Azerbaijani literature and its use”. Between 1990-2000 it conducted researches mainly associated to the National Library like “Modern-day innovations at the National Library named after M. F. Akhundov and the approach of our colleagues to their profession”, “Large and small libraries of Azerbaijan”, ‘80th anniversary of the establishment of the National Library named after M. F. Akhundov”.

The department was renamed ‘Scientific studies on Library Science’ in 2006. It holds “Reader’s day” and carries out surveys on various issues, for ex. “The bibliographic service”, “Librarian treatment”, “Late delivery of orders”. Moreover, Virtual Service has been created since May of 2011. The service is rendered on the website of the National Library under the heading “Ask us”. The questions of the users are online responded.


  • It carries out scientific studies on Library Science, Bibliography and Library issues.

Main activities

The department

  • Conducts social surveys in order to research library- information field and user demand;

  • Prepares and publishes “Scientific works” - a yearbook on Library Science, Bibliography and library issues;

  • Submits the conducted studies and working plan to the Board established by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. After the approval of Scientific Board, the study is applied in practice;

  • Publishes the results of the studies conducted in the form of a guidebook.