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Head of the Department: Ismayilova Adiba Imash
Tel: (99412) 493 83 09

The department started its activity as a reading room at the library in 1923. It continues its activity independently as a department since 1928.

The department carries out 80% of service to the users. Reading rooms of the department host 150-160 thousand users a year.

34 923  people became the member of the library in 2014, and the number of  the readers had reached to 75526. It renders a service to 149 919  users during a year.

Users are rendered the service at the reading rooms such as Periodical Press, Service to Students, Humanitarian, Exact and Technical Sciences, the Management of the Usage from Electronic Resources and Local Network.


    • Information desk;

    • User registration and enrollment;

    • General reading room;

    • Secondary book collections;

    • Scientific reading rooms;

    • Management of the Usage from Electronic Resources;

    • Reading room for Local Network Use.


    • To render a service to the library users on all branches of science at the Periodical Press, Service to Students, Humanitarian, Exact and Technical Sciences, the Management of the Usage from Electronic Resources and Local Networkreading rooms.

Main activities

    • Registers the users;

    • Serves to various groups of users;

    • Manages the acquisition of secondary book collections and carries out user requests regarding to these collections;

    • Constantly organizes book or periodical press exhibitions on newly-received items as well as significant and historic days at reading rooms.

Periodical Press Room

The reading room houses up 67 seats. Four-year journals and five-year newspapers are stored and preserved in secondary book collection of the reading room. 200 newspapers, 105 journals in Azerbaijani, 24 newspapers, 15  journals in Russian are received to the department during year. Regardless of their specialization, any user group can use the reading room.

 Reading room for Students

There are 185 seats at the reading room. The items are substantially acquired from the Preservation Department of Book Collections. Users include students, workers, pensioners and others. The requested item is kept only for one day for the users.

 Secondary book collections

There are 12 000 issues stored at the secondary book collections. 5600  of them are in Azerbaijani, 6400  in Russian.  There are also alphabetical and systematic catalogues. Secondary book collections are updated each summer and less-used books are returned to the basic book collection and replaced with new ones. The items include encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, guidebooks, textbooks and so on. They are about philosophy, history, economy, law, medicine, technology and other fields. The service is rendered specifically to the students, the young and other groups of users.


Reading room for Exact and Technical Sciences

It houses up 22 seats. There is also secondary book collection at the reading room. 1869 items are stored there. 757 of them are in Azerbaijani and 1112 in Russian. There are alphabetical and systematic catalogues at the reading room. They serve health care workers, users specialized in technical and exact sciences. Books are fetched from the basic book collections on requests. To avoid waste of time, ordered items are set aside for 5 days.

 The Management of Usage from the Electronic Resources

On user request, electronic versions of most-used books, periodicals, dissertations are created and reprinted. E-versions are created via digital cameras. Necessary pages of any items are pictured by digital cameras, reprinted and presented to the user. Then full electronic version of that item is created and added to the local network of the library.

Reading room of Local Network Use

The reading room enables the use of e-resources on the local network of library by more users simultaneously. The service is rendered through 24 computers and the requests are completely responded. Even there are 5 İPads in the use of the readers.