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Head of the Department: Seyidova Kamala Huseyn
Tel: (994 12) 493 46 60
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General information


The National Library of Azerbaijan started its activity on 23th May, 1923. The Library was moved into its current building in 1960. “The department of Music Literature” was designated in 1961. Since that year, “Sound Record Library ”commenced its activity. Sound recordings, gramophone records, books, journals and other publications about music are collected at the department.

When “Sound Record Library” was established, there were 1000 gramophone records at its collections. At present its number has increased up to 30.000. Alongside with recordings, books and gramophone records, there are journals, music manuscripts of Azerbaijani composers and draft theatrical plays at the department collections.

The Regulation on “ Sound Record Library” was approved by the Ministry of Culture on June 21, 1971.

New type of item- music manuscripts of Azerbaijani composers were included to the collections in 1981. Since that year, manuscripts are received by that department under the order of the Cultural Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan. They are registered in accession book and information about them are arranged on the catalogue in alphabetical order.

The department has been receiving draft theatrical plays since 2000.

The department was renamed “Audio publications and sound records” in February, 2006. The key achievement of the department is the reconstruction of the reading hall of Sound Record Library. Upon the agreement signed between Azerbaijan and Japan, the reading room was equipped with new facilities. 4 tape-recorders connected with headphones on ten desks enables 10 readers to listen high quality music simultaneously. Besides, there is a sound recorder to copy gramophone records to compact disks. At present our national music- gramophone records of composers, singers, as well as operas, ballets and symphonies of world-famous composers have been copied to more than 3000 CDs. Alongside with national music, foreign songs preserved at the collections are also copied to CDs. 

Under 2009-2013 State program on the development of library-information field of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the gramophone records of Azerbaijani classics are copied to electronic version since 2009. A special section- “Sound heritage of Azerbaijan” has been designated at the CD catalogue of gramophone records preserved at the collection.

200 000 music publications, 2218 music manuscripts, 2100 drama drafts, 30 000 gramophone records, 3000 compact disks, 10000 music books are in the use of readers and listeners. The hall of “Sound Record Library” renders a service to the students and teachers of music school, college, Music Academy, National Music Conservatory  as well as the others who are interested in music.  Sound Record Library is the unique music collection of the republic as “the Archive of Sound Records”.

More than 7500 recordings have been added to the Virtua digital catalogue.

E-resources of 10113 national music recordings have been created.

CDs, gramophone records and recordings are described according to “Unique Description Standards”: registers gramophone records, CDs in the accession book; describes them according to Unique Description Standardss: creats alphabetical and systematic catalogues.


User service duties of the department

  1. Selection of musical recordings on the request of the users;

  2. Massive listening of CD and gramophone records;

  3. Description and  catalogue arrangement of CD and gramophone records;

  4. Furnishing CDs, gramophone records and sound records to the users.