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Head of the Department: Aliyeva Almaz Khalil

Tel.: (994 12) 493 94 21


General Information


The Archive Department of the Azerbaijani Literature has been functioning since 1947. One issue of about 94 thousand books on all scientific branches published from 1831 to present-day; 91 newspapers published in 1875-1928 ( with their original, copy, microfilm and electronic versions); 500 journals published from 1906 to present day: as well as an issue of journals published in the Russian language in Azerbaijan since 2006; 863 issues of scientific works, 2031 microfilms( book, journals and newspapers) are held and maintained at the department. The Russian items published in Azerbaijan have been given to the department since 2004.

The materials are in lithography, old alphabet, Old Latin, Cyrillic, New Latin graphics. There are some valuable, especially rare books by content and date among the collection.

Since early 2005, the collections of the department are added to the electronic catalogue. 1831-1930 publications, items with only one issue, as well as periodicals published in early 20th century  have been added to the electronic catalogue. This process is going on.



  • To preserve our cultural heritage; enrich the collections constantly;

  • To render a service to all scholars- irrespective to the profession- carrying out scientific studies.


Main activities

  • Irrespective of publication, date and alphabet, the department collects  the original, copy, photocopy, microfilms of all the items published both in Azerbaijani and Russian, and presents to the library users;

  • It has a reading room;

  • The items are arranged in alphabetical, systematic and chronological catalogues.

  • The books are arranged in chronological, newspapers and journals alphabetical, scientific works in inventory indexes.