"Library is a saint place for people, nation and society, source of morality, knowledge, wisdom." H.Aliyev

On May 29, a book fair under the title “Sabir və mollanəsrəddinçilər” has been opened in the National Library.

At the exhibition, the works of Mirza Alakbar Sabir-Azerbaijan’s satirical poet, the founder of a new literary school, one of the leading figures of the literary trend which was formed around “Molla Nasreddin” magazine, and books about his life and work are exhibited.

At the exhibition, the journal “Molla Nasreddin”, and its followers’ works: Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, Aligulu Gamkusar, Omar Faig Nemanzadeh, Mirza Ali Mocuz Shabustari, Ali Razi Shamchizadeh, Ali Nazmi, Bayramali Abbaszadeh, Uzeyir Hajibeyov, Firidun bey Kocharli, Abdurrahim bey Hagverdiyev, Mammadli Nasir, Salman Mumtaz, Azim Azimzadeh and others’ works, books, journals and newspapers about them are exhibited.

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On May 22, prepared by the staff of the Republican Children’s Library named after F.Kocharli, there had been the presentation of a book from the series of "Children's Literature treasure", entitled "Firidun bey Kocharli: Bibliography" dedicated to the prominent literary scholar of Azerbaijan, a well-known educator, social activist, journalist, writer, critic and translator, Firidun bey Kocharli son of Ahmad Agha, in the National Library. The main purpose of the event is to pay tribute once again to F.Kocharli, who has a special place in the history of Azerbaijan literature, and to raise awareness in all booklovers about the library and its activities by presenting the books published on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Republican Children's Library named after F.Kocharli.

Karim Tahirov, director of the National Library opened the ceremony and greeted the participants, then, he had a brief look at F.Kocharli’s work. Then, a documentary film about F.Kocharli had been demonstrated. The word was given to Vagif Bahmanli, the manager of book circulation and publishing works department of Culture and Tourism Ministry. In his speech, Mr. Vagif talked a lot about Kocharli’s work and noted the importance of the presented book.

Then the director of the Republican Children's Library Shahla Gambarova spoke about the position of F.Kocharli in Azerbaijani literature. Speakers, professor of BSU (Baku State University), doctor of philological sciences Alkhan Bayramoglu, the author of the foreword of bibliography, manager of the department of New era Azerbaijan Literature of the Literature Institute of ANAS (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences) named after Nizami, professor Zaman Asgarli, honored journalist Flora Khalilzade, the director of the Central Scientific Library of ANAS Leyla Imanova spoke about the bibliography, and its importance for researchers.

At the presentation, there had been organized the book fair titled "guardians of the Homeland and nation" devoted to the work of F.Kocharli.

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On May 18, the annual meeting of the international organization “Conference of European National Libraries” (CENL) had been held in the capital of Switzerland, Bern. The directors of the National Libraries from 36 European countries attended in the event held in the Swiss Parliament building. At CENL meeting which was held in Baku in 2013, there were representatives from 41 countries and in Moscow in 2014, 22 countries were represented in the CENL meeting. Karim Tahirov, the director of the National Library, and Khayala Ismayilova, the head of the department of foreign literature and international book exchange represented our country in this prestigious event. The vice-president of Swiss National Assembly, Christa Markwalder had opened the meeting. In her speech, she gave information about the Parliament building where the meeting held. She said that the building was built on the 1st of April in 1902 by Hans Auer, and noted that there were written “one for all, all for one” on the emblem of the building. In addition, noting 22 cantons’ emblem of Switzerland around the dome, he said he was glad that the 29th CENL meeting held in this building. After the speech of Mrs. Christa Markwalder, the director of the Swiss National Library Marie Christine Doffey welcomed the guests. Bruno Racine, the president of CENL continued the meeting with his speech. First of all, he said that the director of Moldovia National Library had dead, then, he introduced the newly appointed directors of the Czech Republic and Croatia National Libraries, and wished them good luck. Then, the activities of the Electronic Library (TEL) in a year and its future prospects had been presented to the participants of the meeting by Jill Cousinis and extensive discussions were held on this matter. After the speech, the directors of every National Libraries introduced themselves. At the Conference of European National Librarians the proof and the issues of protocol of the 28th annual meeting held in Moscow had been noted. The annual report of the Conference of European National Librarians for 2014-2015 was presented to the participants by Bruno Racine. At this ceremony, representative of the British Library Roly Keating was elected the new president of CENL for 3 years. On this occasion, he congratulated and wished good luck him. At the end of the debate, each country decided to increase the annual membership fees for TEL in order to expand the digital materials. At the end of the meeting, Karim Tahirov, the director of the Azerbaijan National Library congratulated Roly Keating and invited him to the IV Baku International Book Exhibition Fair in September. The meeting will continue till the 19th o May.

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On May 14 the ened in Italian city country”. Representing our country in this prestigious event, as part of the delegation led by the First Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ministry Vagif Aliyev, director of the National Library prof. Tahirov Karim, and the scientific secretary Amina Jafarova were also there. The stand of Azerbaijan matching the design of the Maiden Tower, and Old City walls, had been organized on the 50m2 leased area by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. More than 300 sophisticated design books demonstrated there, reflects rich culture of our country, tourism potential, the truth of Karabakh, and other issues. Books about the activities of the great Leader Haydar Aliyev, the President Ilham Aliyev and the first Lady of Azerbaijan, the president of Haydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva had been met with the interest of the participants of the exhibition. Visitors paid special attention to "Baku-2015" the first European Games, and video, that displayed on the monitor of Azerbaijani pavilion related to this prestigious sporting event met with great interest. During the exhibition, as well as the presentation of a number of books about the history, culture, international relations of Azerbaijan and other topics published in Italian, and distribution of promotional and advertising materials about our country to the participants intended. The exhibition is also an important tool for propagating our rich national culture, growing publishing and printing industry, the art of the book, and it is also a tool for delivery of the large-scale construction works in the country to the world. It should be noted that books about Azerbaijan that exhibited on the stand of "Sandro Teti Editore" publishing house of Italy, caused great interest of the participants. On the occasion of Azerbaijan being “special guest country”, there will be a special ceremony in the exhibition organized by the Culture and Tourism Ministry. Also, the delegation is expected to hold a series of meetings.

The exhibition will last till the 18th of May.

Gulbaniz Safaraliyeva, deputy director on the publishing house and electronic resources of the Azerbaijan National Library, had been on business trip in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan Republic, from the 20th of April till the 25th of April in order to take part in the international IX Conference about the “library resources in internet, science, education, culture and business” and in the XVII general meeting of BAE.

Opening the meeting, A.I.Visley, the chairman of the organization, explained the issues to be discussed, and said that 9 of 17 countries had taken part in the meeting. Then, he gave information about the project of new electronic library. At the end of the meeting there had been the virtual exhibition of “The Great Victory of Soviet people” dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of The Great Patriotic War.

The International Conference had begun its work on April 22. The specialists invited from the different parts of Uzbekistan and other foreign countries had taken part in different sections. Generally there were listened to 66 lectures and at the end the best was chosen as a result of the researches by the moderators.

On April 23, the plenary session had begun its work, the speeches of 11 specialists had been listened and the congratulations were told about the 145th Anniversary of Uzbekistan National Library. G.Safaraliyeva took part in the meeting with the lecture about the development of the Azerbaijan National Library during the last years, and congratulated the Uzbekistan National Library on behalf of the director and collectives of the National Library.

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The Director of Georgia National Parliamentary Library Georgi Kekelidze and Deputy Director of electronic resources Levan Taktakişvili was at Azerbaijan National Library.

Director of the Library Professor Karim Tahirov met the guests. Director of Georgia National Parliamentary Library Georgi Kekelidze spoke about the innovations that happened over the past year to Georgia National Parliamentary Library. In response to question of Karim Tahirov Kekelidze noted that the Library works on the bases of the Sierra the automated library system.

The aim of the meeting was to fullfil the exchange of e-books in accordance with the terms of the conditions of the Memorandum on mutual Cooperation signed between Azerbaijan National Library and Georgia National Parliamentary Library.The exchange will help both National Libraries Fund to enrich, and prevent the recopy of the books, the loss of the time and labor , additional financial costs.During the conversation for the implementation of these processes it was decided to prepare Contract on the bases of the mutual agreement and sign it in Tbilisi.

The guests got acquainted with the VTLS-Virtua software applied to National Library.

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Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs and International Relations of the Azerbaijan National Library Malak Khanim Hajiyeva had been in Tehran, the 28th International Book Fair, from 6 May to 8 May.

 Like Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, France, Japan and other major countries, Azerbaijan was also represented in this exhibition.

 The exhibition stand of Azerbaijan had been made by the Azerbaijan National Library and the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the Iran Islamic Republic.

Portrait of the great leader Heydar Aliyev, Azerbaijan’s flag and books reflecting interesting materials and photos about our statehood had been placed on the main part of the stand. Books about the historical monuments, nature, culture and literature of Azerbaijan were also there.

The exhibition was so good. Particular attention to Azerbaijan, especially endless interests of the Azerbaijani people coming from Tehran, Tabriz, Marand, Xoy, Ardabil and Zanjan region in our literature were personified in their smiles and warm relations.

Books from different series, published by the decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham ALiyev on the implementation of the mass media in Latin, and from "Classic Azerbaijan literature", "Modern Azerbaijan Literature", "Azerbaijan Folk Literature", "Azerbaijani language and history", "Literary Anthology" series were met with a sense of great interest.

Also, daintily books published by the Haydar Aliyev Foundation about Azerbaijan culture, music, dekopativ art and editions of the Culture and Tourism Ministry caused great interest of the participants in the exhibition.

The exhibition will last till the 16 of May.

On April 24, the book fair under the title “Zərifə Əliyeva: İnsanlara qalan nur” had been opened in the National Library on the occasion of the birthday of Zarifa Aliyeva, dedicated to the life and work of the prominent scientist of Azerbaijan, doctor of medicine, professor, honored scientist, the one who has invaluable services in the development of ophthalmology in Azerbaijan. In the exhibition the books are demonstrated in Azerbaijani, Russian, and in English.

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The Director of Morocco National Library Mr. Driss Khrouz was at Azerbaijan National Library on April 6. Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Morocco Kingdom to Azerbaijan Mr. Hasan Hami also attended the meeting.

Prof. Driss who  got acquainted with the director of National Library Prof. K. Tahirov expressed satisfaction with the visit to Azerbaijan, thanked Mr. ambassador for creation the opportunity to meet in the scientific, cultural center.

Providing detailed information about the National Library KarimTahirov talked about activities, achievements, successes, international relations, membership in international organizations, tomorrow a trilateral cooperation Memorandum will be signed among Azerbaijan National Library, The Institute of Manuscripts of AMEA, Morocco National Library will help to establish international relations, Karim Tahirov emphasized that Morocco is third country among Arabian countries after Egypt and Jordan and with this memorandum will be the key factor in our  successful collaborate. He also stated that according to the terms of Memorandum it is possible to organize book and exchange of bibliographic resource, exchange of experience, probation, making of seminars and conference, organization of book experience. Pointing out that very little books belong to Morocco saved in Azerbaijan National Library, the director is sure that in the next event there will be exhibition of rich literature.

He said that he was sure Mr. Khrouz would leave Azerbaijan with good impression on him.

Mr. Driss Khrouz briefly spoke about Morocco National Library, said that Morocco National Library also uses new technology and the half of the Fund is already digitalized. Noting that morocco National Library recieves 4 mandatory copies Mr. Khrouz said that he could send one of them to Azerbaijan. He also said that manuscripts are preserved in the Fund of Morocco National Library, and more than 36 000 manuscripts exists there. Mr. Director  invited his colleague to visit to Morocco National Library.

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Deputy director on user service – head of the department reader service, Honored Worker of Culture Adiba Ismayilova and the scientific secretary Amina Jafarova participated in the Republican Scientific-Practical Conference on the subject of “Organization of e-library and directions of using them in supreme schools” in Baku Business University on 27 February. Opening the conference rector of the university, Dr.Sc., prof. Ibad Abbasov welcomed participiants, wished success to the work done in conference, spoke about the aim and content of the conference.

There were participiants from Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Economic University, The Library of Economic Institute of AMEA, The Institute of History of AMEA named after A.Bakikhanov, Sumgayit State University, Baku High Oil School, ADA University, Khazar University, and such representatives of other educational institutions. Adiba Ismayilova and Amina Jafarova delivered a presentation on the subjects of “Readers service in the twenty-first century information space”, “Web site of National library, e-library and electronic databases” and they spoke about achivements National Library earned recent years, shared their experience in the field of automation, application of information technologies, answered the questions that participiants were interested.

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The opening ceremony of wide book exhibition dedicated to 23 th anniversary of Khojaly Genocide “The Khojaly Genocide: Crime against humanity” was held in National Library On 25 February.

Opening the ceremony Karim Tahirov first took a minute of silence and paid tribute to Khojaly martyrs, Karabakh martyrs, and all marytrs who died for the independence of Azerbaijan. Then he spoke with heavy heart about occupation of Khojaly by Armenian armed forces with the help of Russian 366th Motor Rifle Regiment on the night of February 25 to 26 in 1992, and genocide against etnic Azerbaijans. He mentioned that 1275 innocent civilians were taken hostage, the fate of 150 of them is still unknown. He stated that this tragedy was one of the most terrible incidents that happened during Nagorno- Karabakh conflict, and hundreds of Azerbaijani people were willed in this genocide, Armenian armed forces committed a genocide act in 7 thousand peopled Khojaly town, 613 person were killed during genocide, 1000 civilian people from different ages were disabled by bullet wound he recieved, 8 families were totally destroyed, 25 children lost their both parents, 130 children lost one of their parents.

In his speech he notified that various events was held within the campaign of “Justice for Khojaly” with the attempt of president of Heyder Aliyev Foundation Mrs Leyla Aliyeva.

Then word was given to the professor, the author of book “Keçmişini unudan-gələcəyini itirər” Asger Abdullayev. In his speech he talked about the reasons why and how big heart pain the book was written.

Employees of National Library, members of Azerbaijan Writers Union Feride Hajiyeva and Seyyare Memmedli versified poems dedicated to Khojaly.

Participiants in event got acquainted with electronic database “Khojaly Genocide” and the exhibition “Khojaly Genocide: crime against humanity” that made by National Library staff members.

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A number of employees of Azerbaijan National Library took part in the event organized on 17 February at Heyder Aliyev Center held within the project of “Heyder Aliyev heritage: scientific and practical seminars” with the aim to study Azerbaijani national leader Heyder Aliyev heritage, investigation of nationhood philosophy and wide propaganda of it. President of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, academic Akif Elizade made a report of “Heyder Aliyev and Azerbaijan sciences”. During speech they analysed the role of the national leader Heyder Eliyev in the development of Azerbaijani science In 1970-80, the formation of a national staff potential , development of Azerbaijan language, the new development stage of Azerbaijan science during independence years, his services on the direction of the formation of Azerbaijanism ideology and his concern for Cultural workers brought into attention.

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The President of anti-plagiarism company Sebastian Kavcinski and the director of Baku office Ali Tehmezov was in Azerbaijan National Library on February 17. The director of Azerbaijan National Library, professor Kerim Tahirov greeted the guests and began to talk about National Library, its electronic resources.

Speaking about the company mister Kavcinski stated that operating since 2002 the company has been functioning in Moldova, Germany, Romania, Poland and some other European countries, in south America, and has more than 200 customers.

Mister Kavcinski stressed that Azerbaijan is very interesting country for them, and they would like to operate here.

Anti-plagiarism Company met with Higher Attestation Commission in Azerbaijan, The State Student Admission Commission, The Ministry of Education, and some managers of higher education institutions and suggested Azerbaijan National software on anti-plagiarism.

Software made by this company serves to protect the property and to find out plagiarism on files in educational institutions, publishing houses, libraries.The software has the ability to define plagiarism in any language.

At the end of the meeting Mister Tahirov notified that he will survey the software thorough and will look at the importance of it for Azerbaijan National library.

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Chief of the Methodological Support Department Adile Abdullayeva, head librarian of the department of  the organization of infrastructure and software secure İlahe Quliyeva, staff of ULTRA company Sebine Qemberova and Kenan Semedli was sent on an official journey to Ganja and Aghdash CLS (MKS) in order to install automated library-information system.

During the assignment  both regions computers allocated for the installation of ALISA system were brought into working condition and through the internet they connected to the system. Then for all staff in both regions training was organized with the aim of teaching working skills in ALISA and workers were instructed.

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On February 13 on the ocassion of 65th anniversary of Zalimkhan Yaqub national poet,Chairman of Ashug Union  “Look at me as hope” (“Mənə ümid kimi bax” ) collection of poems, published by Culture and Tourism Ministry and “The Zalimkhan pinnacle of word ” (“Sözün Zəlimxan zirvəsi” )book presentation were held in Azerbaijan National Library.

Director of Azerbaijan National Library Karim Tahirov opened the event and gave introductuary remarks. In his speech he mentioned his position in Azerbaijan Literature, his creative work, said Zalimkhan Yaqub poetry serves national revival, promotion of national spirit, national consciousness, he also talked about poet`s productive labor, translation of more than 40 books into various languages.

Speakers: Doctor of Philological Sciences Qəzənfər Paşayev, prosaist, publicist, Doctor of Juridical Sciences, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the National Library Chingiz Abdullayev,  Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor Nizameddin Shemsizade , publicist, linguist Doctor of Philological Sciences Buludkhan Khalilov, National writer Movlud Suleymanli, critic Esed Cahangir, prof. Asif Rustemli, prof. Medet Chobanov spoke widely about Zelimkhan Yaqub literary work and creativity.

In the end Zelimkhan Yaqub thanked the persons who contributed to the publication of both books.

At the end of the event participiants got acquainted with book exhibition “The Zalimkhan pinnacle of word ” Doctor of Philological Sciences that reflects to poet`s activity. More than 150 books were demonstraited in exhibition. Doctor of Philological Sciences

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The next visitor of National Library was Susha region the number 10  complete secondary school on February 1. Pupils who became closely acquainted with the Library they interested in Will not be forgotten Karabagh nook arranged in exhibition hall. Having closely interested in reading hall on the usage of Local Network and The Department of Audio Publications and Sound Records and their question had been answered detailed.

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Well-known literary academic, doctor of philological sciences, professor Qazanfar Pashayev`s books “Irag-Turkmen tales, “My thoughts about Elchin”, and “Meaningful life epos”  that  devoted to outstanding scientist has been presented by National Library with Culture, and Tourism Ministry on December 26

Opening this event National Library director Karim Tahirov greeted guests, spoked about Qazanfar Pashayev activity, and productive work.

Participiants: national poet, member of parliament Sabir Rustamxanli, corresponding member, member of parliament Nizami Jafarov, head of department of Literature Institute named after Nizami, professor Shirindil Alishanov, poetess, publicist Flora Khalilzade, poet, scientist Ayaz Vafali, member of parliament Qanira Pashayeva, national poet  Zalimkhan Yaqub.

Mass Media deligates came from Turkey Zaynal Abidin Qıymaz, Hamit Oezpolat, Fahrattin Çalik, Mustafa Saim Ayhan, Durdu Mahmat Tash, Latif Şimşak, Halit Tunc.

Finally, Qazanfar Pashayev thanked everyone who contributed to this event, and participants who spoke well of him.

In the end of the event participants got acquainted with book exhibition reflecting to scholar`s work.

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On december 11, the Director of National Library Karim Tahirov took part in the book presentation ceremony dedicated to Azerbaijan outstanding writer Mir Jalal Pashayev ßêèé îáðàòè øèõàé(Where is our way to go) that printed out in Ukrainian Language in Ukraine National Library named after V.İ.Vernadski.

The event organizer is Azerbaijani ambassador to Ukraine and Ukraine National Library.

The ambassador of Azerbaijani to Ukraine  Eynulla Madatli, the representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Kiev, Ukraine National Library, The State Oil Company of The Azerbaijan Republic “Azerbaijan Airlines” in Ukraine, “The Ukrainian Diaspora of Azerbaijanis”, World-wide Ukrainian Public Organization, “Azerbaijanism institute ” International Social Organization, other leaders and members of the diaspora, The Literary Community in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Turkey mass-media representatives presented in the presentation.

The book printed with the attempt of Azerbaijan embassy to Ukraine in the publishing house named after Dmitriya Buraqo, its designer, and editor is Azerbaijani embassador to  Ukraine, assistant professor Eynulla Madat. The works were translated by Inna Sosnovchik.

Simultaniously, at the event books were presented that published into Ukrainian languages: V.Andriyanov, H.Miralamov “Ilham Aliyev:  Portrait of President of Azerbaijan”, Aida İmanquliyeva “Selected articles”, C.Qasımli, O.Kupçik, Ə.Dəmirov “Ukraine-Azerbaijan political relations and present”, Ramiz Mehdiyev “Gorus-2010; absurd theater season ”, Ramiz Mehdiyev “Nagorno Garabagh”: Read history on terms” O.Kupçik, Y.Mahmudov “The Triumphant March of Heydar Aliyev`s ideas”, R.Ivanov “Kalbali khan Nakhchivansky: his period and legacy. Historical essays”, I.Habibbayli “Early on the XX century ”, Mirza Fatali Akhundzade “Chosen works”, R.Novruzov, I.Qasımov “Azerbaijan language textbooks for Ukrainian students” in russian A.Damirov “About Azerbaijan Students of Kiev  in the life of Ukrainian social-political life”. (1900-1917), A.Merejko “Nagorno Garabagh problem and international law ” and books also presented in English.

Speaking in the event Director of Ukraine National Library greeted fraternal country representatives, guests, and noted that books presented today will play a big role in learning and promoting Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan ambassador to Ukraine Aynulla Madatli, Inna Sosnovchik who translated book “Where is our wat to go”, in speech noted that despite many years past , books such as will not lose its importance.

Azerbaijan National Library director Karim Tahirov expresssed his satification on the importance of the books published in Ukrainian language, Azerbaijan culture, history, literature, Azerbaijan truth reflected to  Nagorno Garabagh problems books that translated into Ukrainian language.

The event lasting high level  Azerbaijani ambassador to  Ukraine, and Azerbaijan Natioanal Library Director, professor Karim Tahirov were aworded “Golden Success” diploma, and “Labor Glory” medal by International academy of Tariff  technology and sociology.

The event ended up with the signing ceremony in the field of science information in coorperation with Azerbaijan National Library, and Ukraine National Library.

On December 9-10 Libraries methodical support department chief Adila Abdullayeva participated in “National Library and its readers: transformation problems” the scientific-practical conference held in St Petersburg city, within III International St. Petersburg culture forum in Russian National Library.

In conference Russian various region libraries, Finland, China, Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and other countries national libraries took part. The first day of 2 days lasting conference speeches were made about subjects such as, modern reader and the ways of improving service to the readers, service organization to the virtual readers, the role of virtual reading rooms in the process of service, reading problems, publication  bibliometric analysis on reading and etc.

The 2nd day of conference “The Reader and National Library space rounded table was organized. In rounded table participiants shared their experience, modern reader and its reading problems , information bases offered to readers, using rules of them, and was spoken about arising problems and discussed its solutions.

In dabates our collaborator was active, spoked about the experience of Azerbaijan National Library, gave information about modern service types presented to readers.

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On December 9th, Toktogul  İnternational scientific conference was held dedicated to 150th anniversary of Kyrgyz poet, bard, and compositor Toktogul  Satylganov, organized by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, TURKSOY, Azerbaijan National Library, and presentation of the books Toktogul  Satylganov  “Selected Works” translated into Turkish by Turksoy, “Life turning into poetry books” published by Turkish Eskishehir province into 6 languages (Azerbaijan, Turkish, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Turkmen).

Opening the event, professor  Karim Tahirov Director of the National Library greeted guests, for introduction he gave a floor to the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic  Abulfas  Karayev. In his speech he appreciated TURKSOY  for organizing such events, and wished that every Turkish people must learn immortal geniuses in its history and in order to deliver it to the future generations he wished such events to be steady.

Then, 5-minute film was shown about Toktogul. After showing of the film Kyrgyzstan komuz artist added the pleasant mood to the event.

Turksoy general secretary Dusen Kaseinov, Deputy Secretary  General of the Turkish council Adakhan Madumarov, Chairman of the Union of the Writers Anar, Undersecretary assistant of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism Nihat Gul, Deputy Chairman  of the Kyrgyzystan`s Organizing Committee of “Toktogul Year” Osmanbek Artikbayev, The Governor of the Turkish Eskishehir province Asim Tuna in their speeches spoke about these events organized by TURKSOY and importance of them.

Spokesman, Ankara University professor, Gulzura Jumakunova widely spoke about Toktogul`s life and activity.

Speakers, Director of the Azerbaijan Ataturk Center, Associate member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, member of Parliament, professor Nizami Jafarov, professor of Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University named after Abay - Temirhan Tubegenov, Head of the department of Turkish literature of Baku State University  , professor Ramiz Asgar, Associate professor Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan Zuhriddin İsomuddinov, the representative of Kyrgyzstan in Turksoy Kocageldi  Kuluyev spoke about Toktogul’s works and  works presented today that were translated into 5 languages.

Then, Toktogul medals were presented from the general secretary of TURKSOY Dusen Kaseinov and  Deputy Chairman of the Kyrgyzstan’s Organizing Committee “Toktogul” Osmanbek Artıkbayev, to the Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Karayev, Deputy Secretary-General of the Turkish council Adakhan Madumarov, Chairman of the Writers Union  Anar, Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry undersecretary  Nihat Gul, Director of the Azerbaijan National Library Karim Tahirov, Governor of Turkish Eskishehir province Gungor Asim Tuna, Director of the Azerbaijan Ataturk Center Nizami Jafarov, and translator of the book.

At the end of the event participants got acquainted with the books stored in National Library.

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Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the jubilee night devoted to the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijani people’s writer, State Award Laurate, the 20th-century -Azerbaijani literature classic, great playwright Ilyas Afandiyev was held at Heydar Aliyev Palace on November, 21.

At the jubilee, the book exhibition “ Ilyas Afandiyev-100” had been set up by Azerbaijan National Library. The prominent playwright’s books, works in Azerbaijani and other languages as well as the books and articles about him were displayed at the exhibition.

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On 3 November 2014, the director of the Cultural Center of Egypt Mr. Ahmad Sami Elaydy visited Azerbaijan National Library.  During the meeting with the director of the National Library Karim Tahirov, he gave information on the Cultural Center which has been operating in Azerbaijan for 15 years, its activity and the meetings arranged with the scholars.

Mr. Elaydy suggested to invite the scholars to the events at the library, to hold travelling exhibitions in order to extend the collaboration with the National Library. He also invited library users to the free Arabic language courses of the Center.

Expressing his satisfaction with the meeting, the director of Azerbaijan National Library Karim Tahirov stated the events co-organized with the Egyptian Cultural Center, his visits to Cairo, Alexandrian libraries.

He put forward the proposal of the center’s mediation in the further expansion of the cooperation between the national libraries of two countries.

At the end of the meeting the parties gave book presents to each other.

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Published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the book “Naxçıvan- 90” was presented at Azerbaijan National Library on October 22, 2014.

Opening the presentation ceremony, the director of Azerbaijan National Library Karim Tahirov welcomed the guests. Then the first deputy director of the minister of Culture and Tourism Vagif Guliyev took the stage. He spoke about the history of  Nakhchivan.

The speakers- the head of the Permanent Mission of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Bakhtiyar Asgarov, the deputy director of the minister of Education Firudin Gurbanov, the vice-president of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Isa Habibbayli, the members of the parliament Eldar Ibrahimov, Agil Abbas, Elmira Akhundova stated the role of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic which is the integral part of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the development and enrichment of  our national statehood history, scientific, cultural heritage and the facts on its five-thousand-year- old town-building culture.

At the end of the event, the participants got themselves acquianted with the book exhibition “Naxçıvan- 90”. More than 150 books on the history, culture, art, nature, archeology, the prominent figures and educational& health-care systems as well as our nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev’s role in the development of the socio-political life of Nakhchivan were displayed at the exhibition.

The 75th anniversary of orientalist Aida İmanguliyeva is marked solemnly across the country this year.

Aida Imanguliyev has first researched Eastern-Western problematics in Azerbaijan. As a result of her scientific studies, Azerbaijani readers have got acquainted with patriotic poets, great thinkers of Arabic literature like Khalil Gibran (Jubran Khalil Jubran), Ameen Rihani, Mikha’il Nai’ma, read their works translated by her.

Dedicated to the 75th anniversary of orientalist, literary critic, translator, doctor of philological sciences Aida İmanguliyeva, book exhibition-“Aida İmanguliyeva-75” opened at the National Library on October 9, 2014. The exhibition consists of 3 sections: the outstanding scientist’s works, translations, and the books that have been edited by her as well as devoted to her. Besides the books, her scientific studies published in the periodicals, journals were also displayed at the exhibition.

The items at the exhibition were in Azerbaijani, Russian and English.

[1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

Within the framework of VI Uzeyir Hajibayli International Music Festival, the presentation ceremony of book exhibition and electronic database “Heritage of Uzeyir Hajibayli” was held at the National Library on September 18.

At first the participants watched 10 minute-film devoted to Uzeyir Hajibayli, the prominent composer and the founder of professional Azerbaijani music.

Opening the ceremony, the deputy director of the National Library Malakkhanum Hajiyeva welcomed the guests. She spoke about  various events, concerts, exhibitions organized on the occasion of music festival which is marked across the country under the decree of the president of Azerbaijan Repiblic dated September 18,1995.

She noted that VI Uzeyir Hajibayli International Music Festival would be held in Baku on 18-28 Spetember with the organisation of Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Then, electronic database titled “ Uzeyir Hajibayli- Founder of Modern professional Azerbaijani music and national opera” was presented.

The participants got acquainted themselves with the book exhibition “Heritage of Uzeyir Hajibayli”. His works, music records, scientific studies as well as his works translated into foreign languages were displayed at the exhibition.

Prominent musicians, composers, the representatives from leading libraries and music schools- in one word, Uzeyir lovers took part in the event.

[1]  [2]

On September 10, the ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco Mr. Hassan Hami visited Azerbaijan National Library. Azerbaijani-Moroccan cultural relations, mutual cooperation between National Libraries of two countries were discussed during the meeting. The ambassador noted ancient Azerbaijani manuscripts existing at their collections. “I suppose there are also Arabic manuscripts in your collections. These items will awake great interest for both sides”- he said.

Expressing his satisfaction with the meeting, the director of Azerbaijan National Library Karim Tahirov in his return gave information on Moroccan-related events, exhibitions held at the National Library. He spoke about the exhibition entitled “Medieval Arabic Medical Manuscripts”.  He stated: “As you mentioned, I hope Arabic manuscripts at our collections will raise your interest.”

For the further expansion of the mutual cooperation, it was suggested to sign Memorandum between National Libraries of two countries in near future. It is expected to hold official signing ceremony in Baku in October-November.


[1]  [2]

Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Centenarians Creativity Festival was held in the region of Lerik on September 8, 2014.

Folklore groups, craftsmen, cultural and art workers from Astara, Lankaran, Lerik, Yardimli, Jalilabad, Bilasuvar, Salyan, Balakan and Ismailli regions were taking part in the festival.

Azerbaijan National Library was represented with the book exhibition. Books, newspapers, journals preserved at the library collections in different languages like Azerbaijani, English, Turkish, Russian were displayed at the exhibition called “If not live for 100 years”. They were about Azerbaijani long-living people, their lifestyles, longevity secrets and healthy nutrition.

The major aim of the exhibition was to promote our country as the land of
long-livers, to propagate advice on longevity secrets, healthy lifestyles of elderly people and to introduce them to the public.


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On August 26, 2014, the director of Azerbaijan National Library Karim Tahirov recieved Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan Rafael Harpaz, deputy chief of Mission Ronen Krausz and the director of Press Department, political assistant Sevda Amirova at the National Library.
During the meeting they discussed Azerbaijan-Israeli relations, international collaboration between two countries. Giving information about book, book publication and libraries in his own country, the Israeli ambassador stated the expediency of the expansion of the relations between Azerbaijan-Israeli National Libraries.
The director of Azerbaijan National Library Karim Tahirov in his return expressed his satisfaction with the ambassador’s visit to the library and said that this visit would give impetus to the strengthening of the ties between National Libraries. Providing information on International Book Fair taking place in Azerbaijan, he invited Israeli librarians to IV Baku International Book Exhibition-Fair due to be held in 2015.
The delegation got familiarized with the library and the ambassador wrote his sincere words in Memory Book.


On August 22, “Draft State Program on the development of library-information network and library services (2015-2020)” was discussed at the National Library. The discussions were led by Vagif Guliyev, the head of the Publishing, Advertisement and Information Department of Azerbaijan Republic Cultural and Tourism Ministry.
The director of Azerbaijan National Library Karim Tahirov, advisor of Publishing, Advertisement and Information Department of Ministry of Culture and Tourism Kamala Aliyarova, the director of Republic Youth Library named after Jafar Jabbarly Tahir Sadigov, the director of Centralized Library System of Yasamal district Vafa Guliyeva, the director of Centralized Library System of Khatai district Oruj Guliyev, the deputy director of Centralized Library System of Sabail district Rahila Aliyeva, the deputy director of the National Library Malakkhanum Hajiyeva, scientific secretary Amina Jafarova, head of the department “User Service” Adiba Ismayilova, the head of the department “Methodical guide for Libraries” Adila Abdullayeva took part in the discussions.
At first, they spoke briefly on the summary of “State Program on the development of library-information field for the years 2008-2013”. Then discussions around draft state program on the development of library-information network and library services (2015-2020) were held, suggestions and comments put forward.
Addition of the “Law on Mandatory Copy System” to the program, making changes and amendments to the “Law on the work of library” , application of 50% discount to the libraries for the external and internal book transfer , VAT abolition for the libraries to buy books, establishment of new publishing house at the National Library to regulate book provision system of libraries, establishment of automation infrastructure of regional libraries, construction of additional storage building for the National Library, establishment of Republic Library Board, monitoring visits to the regional libraries, staff trainings, creation of the foundation” Lets propagate Azerbaijan” (provisional name) in order to propagate Azerbaijan by sending books to international exhibitions, different unions and institutions, a separate building construction for Book Chamber, the upgrade of Book Collector, the establishment of book house and book centers, new library buildings, TV programs on book, library and etc. were suggested and discussions held.

[1] [2] [3]

On August 18, 2014, the director of Azerbaijan National Library Karim Tahirov recieved Columbian Charge d'affaires Mr. Assad Jose Jater Pena.
During the meeting they held talks on Azerbaijan-Columbian cultural relations and international collaboration. The both sides discussed the further expansion of the relations between Azerbaijan National Library and Columbian National Library, book exchange and draft Memorandum on Mutual Cooperation.
The guest presented several books to the library, including English-translated books of prominent Columbian short-story writer, novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The library director in return gifted the books “Azərbaycan Milli Kitabxanası” -photoalbum and “Azerbaijani Carpets” to the guest.

On 22 May, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Baku city Culture and Tourism Department, the National Library and House-Museum of Jafar Jabbarli jointly held the presentation of the book “Translations of Jafar Jabbarli”. The book  consists of world literature works which had been translated into Azerbaijani by Jafar Jabbarli, a great Azerbaijani playwright. Opening the event, the director of Azerbaijan National Library, Karim Tahirov gave detailed information about Jafar Jabbarli’s creativity. Then PhD. Asif Rustemli took the stage. He spoke about his life and works.

Speakers: the writer and editor-in-chief of the journal “Gobustan” Vagif Alikhanli, the director of House-Museum of Jafar Jabbarli Gamar Seyfeddingizi, prof. Fikret Rzayev, PhD., prof. Tahira Mammad.

At the end of the event, the participants familiarized themselves with the book exhibition “The prominent figure of Azerbaijani Drama-Jafar Jabbarli” about his life and creativity.

Karim Tahirov, the director of the National Library  took part at the international conference -“Makhdumqoli Faraghi. Universal Cultural Values”, devoted to the 290th anniversary of  Makhdumqoli Faraghi, the great thinker of  Turkmen people in Ashgabat on 14-17 May.

The delegation led by the Cultural and Tourism Minister Abulfas Garayev represented Azerbaijan at the conference.  The Azerbaijani Ambassodar to Russia Polad Bubuloglu, the chairman of  Azerbaijan Writers’ Union  Anar Rzayev, the vice-president of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Isa Habibbayli  also attended at the conference.

Polad Bulbuloglu and Firuze Agayeva were granted the medal of “ Makhdumqoli Faraghi” for their services in the study and propaganda  of  Makhdumqoli Faraghi’s creativity.

[1] [2] [3]

The conference entitled “Heydar Aliyev and the book” dedicated to the 91th anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev was held at the Heydar Aliyev Center of the Police Academy on May 7. It had been jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Azerbaijan National Library.

First of all, the participants and guests laid wreath on Heydar Aliyev’s memorial and acquainted themselves with the exhibition of the books presented by Heydar Aliyev to the National Library. Opening the conference, the chief of the Police Academy, police officer, major- general and Doctor of Law, Nazim Aliyev stressed out the significance of today’s conference in the education and development of young generation as an individual and a citizen.

Afterwards, the speakers- prof. Karim Tahirov, the director of the National Library, honored cultural worker, Elmira Akhundova, MP, writer-publicist, Rasim Suleymanov, the assistant professor of the Library Science and Publication Department of Baku State University spoke about  Heydar Aliyev’s services in the development of the Azerbaijani culture and science and his great attention to the book and libraries.

Then the film about the national leader was displayed. At the end of the conference,the participants got familiarized themselves with the Heydar Aliyev Center.

[1] [2]

The presentation ceremony of the epic poem-“The Book of Dede Qorqud” which had been published in the Latvian language in association with The Ministry of Culture and Tourism was held at the National Library on April, 30

Opening the ceremony, Karim Tahirov, the director of the National Library said that the book had been translated into Latvian in Riga. Then Sevda Mammadaliyeva, the deputy minister of Culture and Tourism emphasized the book’s contribution to the development of the cultural relations between two countries.

The speakers: professor Gazanfar Pashayev; Tofig Melikli, the chairman of the Moscow Office of Azerbaijani Writers’ Union; Hardijs Baumanis, the latvian ambassador to Azerbaijan; Valdis Zatlers, the former president of the Latvian Republic and Uldis Berzins, translated the book from Azerbaijani into Latvian.

[1] [2] [3]

The presentation ceremony of Selected works” ( in 5 volumes) of Mir Jalal was held at the National Library on April, 30. Mir Jalal is a prominent representative of Azerbaijan Prose, literary scholar and honored worker of Science.

Opening the ceremony, Karim Tahirov, the director of the National Library shortly spoke about Mir Jalal’s place in Azerbaijani Literature and creative life. Then, Abulfas Garayev, the minister of Culture and Tourism  made the speech. He spoke about Mir Jalal who has had unprecedented services in the development of  XX-century Azerbaijani literature, science and education.

Speakers: Anar, the chairman of Union of Azerbaijani Writers; Nizami Jafarov, member of Parliament (MP); Abel Maharramov , the rector of Baku State University;  prof. Khaled Alimirzeyev, doctor of philology;  Vasim Mammadaliyev, scholar of Orientalist Studies;  Tofig Hajiyev, the associate of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences; Agil Abbas, member of Parliament (MP); prof. Agil Hajiyev; prof. Tahsin Mutellimov; prof. Gazanfar Pashayev, doctor of philology; prof. Nizamaddin Shamsizadeh, doctor of philology; Shirindil Alishanli, literary scholar .

At the end of the event, the participants familiarized with the electronic database “ Heritage of Mir Jalal” and the book exhibition “Mir Jalal Pashayev” devoted to his creativity.

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The General Symposium of Azerbaijani Librarians was held at the National Library on April, 29. It was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.  The directors of the republic’s leading libraries, Centralized Library Systems, staff of  the Cultural and Tourism Ministry and others took part in the event.

At first, they saw the photo and book exhibitions dedicated to the activities of the libraries.

Opening the event, Abulfas Garayev, the minister of Culture and Tourism spoke briefly on the implementation of Event Plans of “State Program on the Development of Library-Information Sphere in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2008-2013”. He emphasized the necessity of the integration of existing library network, creation of virtual relations among libraries. The minister stated that the program “ALISA” (Automated Library Information System of Azerbaijan) would be applied in the libraries across the republic and the program server would base at the National Library.

Vagif Guliyev, the head of the department “Publishing, advertising and information” provided short information about the activities implemented in compliance with  “The State Program on the Development of Library-Information Sphere in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2008-2013”.

Then, the pilot project “Rural Library-Information Centre” was presented.

The director of Business Development of the company “ULTRA” , Mahammad Zulfugarli gave information about The Integrated Library Management System. He stressed out that ALISA is the integrated library system of Azerbaijan, developed by the company “ULTRA” for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan. In order to create such a program world experience and library’s working system have been studied, advanced technologies used.

Karim Tahirov, the director of the National Library stated the significance of the integration of libraries, the application of national systems in many countries. He said that National Library would fulfill its obligations on the application of this program.

Nushaba Alakbarova, the director of the Centralized Library System (hereinafter CLS) of Sabail district; Seyfaddin Feyzullayev, the director of the CLS of Aghdash district; Nisa Aliyeva, the head of the department of CLS of Zardab district spoke on the works carried out regarding with the State Program.

[1] [2]

 Adila Abdullayeva, the head of the department “Methodical Guide for Libraries” attended at the 8th international conference “Internet and Library-Information resources in science, education, culture and business” held in the city of Qarshi, Uzbekistan on 23-27 April. About 20 people from several countries, including Germany, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan have been invited to the conference.

On the first day, the plenary session was held. It continued its work on 4 sections in the following days. Adila Abdullayeva took part on the 2nd section called “The role and significance of Library-Information in the scientific and technological development”. She made a speech on the topic “ The role of the National Library of Azerbaijan in the development of science, economy and culture”, the presentation on the activity of the National Library and answered the questions regarding with Azerbaijan National Library.

On April 25, Helena Provaznikova, the representative of the Cultural Ministry of the Czech Republic, as well as the member of Czech-Azerbaijan Commission on scientific, cultural and economic cooperation visited the National Library with Mr. Hajni Cenek, the representative of the embassy of the Czech Republic to Azerbaijan.

Cultural relations, book exchange, experience exhange (internship), joint creation of digital libraries have been discussed during the meeting.

Then the guests have familirized themselves with the library and the working processes of seperate departments.

[1] [2] [3]

The event devoted to the  90th anniversary of  Teymur Elchin - the prominent poet, public figure, State Award – winner;  the presentations of both the book “Teymur Elchin. Bibliography” and electronic database  “Teymur-Elchin-90” were held at Azerbaijan National Library on April, 24.

Greeting the attendees, the director of the National Library opened the ceremony. He emphasized his special role in the cultural life of Azerbaijan. Afterwards, the guests watched the short documentary about Teymur  Elchin.  Speaking briefly about Teymur, Abulfas Garayev , the Minister of Culture and Tourism gave the stage to the key speaker, Zahid Khalil.

Zahid Khalil, the occupant of the chair of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, professor delivered an extended report . He spoke about Teymur’s work, creativity and literary heritage. I Secretary of Azerbaijan Writers’ Union, Fikret shared his memories about him.

People’s Writer, Elchin remembered Teymur Elchin with pleasant impressions. He could understand child psychology, was the author of children’s poetry, the admirer of Azerbaijani music, had worked with many composers.

 The speakers;  Flora  Khalilzadeh, writer-publicist; Farhad Badalbeyli, People’s artist, professor, the rector of  Baku Academy of  Music; Gazanfar Pashayev, doctor of philology , professor; Tanzila Aliyeva ,the researcher of  Teymur Elchin’s  creativity and others spoke about his creativity, works, translations and memories.

The electronic database  “Teymur Elchin-90” and the disc comprised of the songs of which lyrics were written by Teymur Elchin awoke great interest.

The participants watched the book exhibition portraying his rich heritage.

[1] [2] [3]

The first guest of the club The meeting with interesting people was Chingiz Abdullayev-  Azerbaijani People’s Writer, prominent master of detective fiction. The meeting was held at the National Library on the 21st April with the participation of The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Russian  and Belarusian ambassadors to Azerbaijan, National Library staff, representatives from the leading libraries of the republic.

Greeting the attendees, the director of the National Library, Karim Tahirov opened the meeting. He states that there is a great interest in his plays across the world, many copies of his books have been published in 34 countries and translated into 29 languages.

 He also said that Chingiz Abdullayev is the chairman of Advisory Board of Azerbaijan National Library.

Chingiz Alioghlu, the head of the sector of the Department for Publication, Advertisement and Information, Vladimir Doroxin, the Russian ambassador to Azerbaijan, Nikolai  Paskevich, Belarusian ambassador to Azerbaijan, Zarifa Salahova, the director of Miniature Book Museum, Tabassum Mukhtarova and Samira Mir-Bashirova, who have translated the writer’s books spoke about his creativity, literary aspects of his plays. The ambassador, NikolauPaskevich  awarded Chingiz Abdullayev with the medal “ For the services in the literature” of the Writer’s Union of Belarus.

At the end of the meeting, the writer responded to the questions..


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