Azerbaijan National Library named after M.F.Akhundov

in 2014


A total fund of  National Library consists of  2 378 649 copies, 2 378 649 copies are books and booklets, 2 189 386 are other documents. 23 216 literature copies included to the library in 2014. 12 213 of new added copies are national literature.

 A total fund of National Library consists of 4 568 838 copies, 2 379 495 copies are books and booklets, 2 189 343 are other documents.  24 049 literature copies included to the library. 12 836  of new added copies are national literature.

In the current year 34 923 man reader became a member, and generally readers numbers reached to 75 526 person. Throughout the year the attendance 177 511, and book providing were 874 947 copies.

Virtual readers (Web and E-library users) numbers-647 405, virtual order service-1331, dissertations of virtual reading hall of Russia National Library and electronic database of dissertations defended in Azerbaijan  users were 1021 person.

Current year 107 922 bibliographic writing were included to e-library. Overall there are 97 721 electronic resource in e-library.

Throughout the year Teymur Elchin 90, Mir Jalal heritage, Uzeyir Hajibeyli-founder of modern Azerbaijan professional music art and national opera, Samad Vurgun heritage new digital databases was created and posted on the internet and intranet.

In the current year in 40 name, 4120 copies, 332 bibliographic data books and things was printed. From the series of prominent personalities of Azerbaijan

“Ilyas Afandiyev-bibliography”, “Teymur Elchin: bibliography”,  “Hidayat: bibliography”, “Shamistan Nazirli- bibliography”, momentous and historical calendar days 2015, Azerbaijan book: bibliography IIIvolume, “New literature about culture, art and tourism”, “New books”, “Annual Azerbaijan books” and others have been printed. All funds have operatively delivered to Republic MKS (Centrelized Library System), and Baku city libraries.

3486 copies was sent to the national libraries, embassies in foreign countries, international book fair-exhibitions and etc, in 2014, 1366 literature copies got in the library.

This year again Azerbaijan Fund of Library repaired, met European standards, book shells have been replaced by new modern mobile racks. Nowadays they are working on the repair other book holder tiers and provision of mobile racks.

Organizing trips was enclosed to the regions 12 regions, 28 village branch library, and methodological support was given them, Khojaly MKS (CLS) was given a methodological help.

Under the instructions of Culture and Tourism Minister Mr Abulfas Garayev linked to use of preparations of personals in regions “Infrastructure improvement of information technology ” ,the 10 days courses was organized in Training Center of National Library on December.

Public events held in National Library: “Mourn, carnation, mourn”, “Teymur Elchin. Bibliography” , Abuzar Khalafov  “History and methodology of bibliography” , Sahiba Budaqova “Political history of Nakhchivan country”, published by Culture and Tourism Ministry “Nakhchivan 90” presentation of book printed in Lett “ Book of Dede Korkut” epos, “20 January-is the heroic chronicle” , the wide range of book exhibitions “Khojali genocide: a crime against humanity” , “1August- is Azerbaijan language and alphabet day ”, in “Meeting with interesting people ” club, meeting with Azerbaijan National writer, master of the detective literary genre Chingiz Abdullayev,  “Heydar Aliyeva and book” conference dedicated to 91st anniversary of Azerbaijan National leader Heydar Aliyev held in Heydar Aliyev Center of DIN Police academy, exihibition conference held in Sumgayit State University  “Personal books presented to Natiional Library by grand leader Heydar Aliyev himself  in students` eyes”, international conference, book and photo exhibition orgaznized with the help TURKSOY dedicated to notable playwright Ilyas Afandiyev  100th anniversary in Turkey National library in Ankara, International scientific conference dedicated to 150th anniversary of notable Kyrgyz bard Toktakul Satilqanov with Turkey organization in Azerbaijan National Library, and other events were held.

International relations of Aerbaijan National Library named after M.F.Akhundov

International relations gain strength  year after year. In current year  because of the period end Memorandum project on new mutual coorperation was presented to Belarus National Library, and Memorandum project was presented to Israel, Italy, China , Ukraine for the communication with contact of their National Libraries.

Memorandum signing ceremony will be held with Ukraine National Library on 11 December.

Czech Republic Culture Ministry representative, and also Czech-Azerbaijan Commission member on scientific, cultural and economic issues  Helena Provaznikova, delegate of Czech ambassador to Azerbaijan Hacni Cenek, VTLS-Virtua software system administrator Yana İlavska, plenipotentiary representative of Columbia in Azerbaijan, Charge d`Affaires of the embassy advocate MR. Assad Xose Gater Pena, Israel plenipotentiary ambassador to Azerbaijan  Mr.  Rafael Harpazı, head deputy of mission of the Embassy Ronen Krauszu, and media department director, assistant on political issues Sevda Amirova, ambassador of the Morocco Kingdom Hasan Hami, Executive of  Egyption Cultural Center Əhməd Sami Elaydy, director of Mr. Sandro publishing house Mr. Sandro Tetti were in National Library.

National Library director Karim Tahirov was in international conference dedicated to 200th anniversary of foundation, 28th annual meeting of Europe National Libraries conference held in Moscow (CENL), The international conference  “to overcome- Future of entrance” organized by German National Library in Frankfurt, International scientific conference about a great philosopher of Turkmen people Mahtumqulu Faraqi anniversary Mahtumqulu Faraqi. Universal Cultural Values” in Ashgabat city, 80th anniversary of Kyrgyzstan National library held in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, XVI general assembly of Eurasia Libraries Assembly , (ELA), rounded table on strengthening and expansion of the libraries role on Eurasia cultural –humanitarian sphere, director board meeting of National Libraries of Turkish speaking countries, National Library director Karim Tahirov participated in the book presentation written in Ukrainian with the name of “Where is the path” written by Mir Jalal Pashayev.

National Libraries employees took part in 8th international conference set up in Uzbekistan, Kashi town “Web and information resources on Science, education, culture  and business”, in Sankt Peterburg city, Russian National library within the Sankt Peterburg international cultural forum “National Libary and its reader: transformation problem, scientific-practicalconference” was held.

The II International congress dedicated to 70th anniversary of supreme education in Belorus Republic and 70th anniversary of liberation of Belorus from German fascist invaders, The International forum set up by Culture and Sports Ministry of Kazakhstan dedicated to the First President Day of Kazakhstan Republic and 10th anniversary of Academic National Library “Immaterial revival of President and Nation ”.

Azerbaijan National Library closely collaborate with TURKSOY organization, and constantly holds international scientific conference, book presentation, and exibitions. For the 100th  anniversary of Azerbaijan 20th  -century literature, notable playwright Ilyas Afandiyev was held in Ankara, Turkey National Library. The event organized by Culture and Tourism Ministry, TURKSOY, Azerbaijan National Library and Turkey National Library, started with book and photo- exhibition that reflects to the writers` whole activities, and ended up with the conference.

On december 9,150th anniversary of Tortakul  İnternational scientific conference was held dedicated to Kyrghiz poet, bard,and compositor Toktokul  Satilkhanov, organized by Culture and Tourism Ministry, TURKSOY, Azerbaijan National Library, and presentation of the books Tortakul  Satilkhanov  “Selected Works” translated into turkish by Turksoy, “Life turning into poetry books” published by Turkish province into 6 languages ( Azerbaijan, Turkish, Uzbek, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Turkmen).

4 licence certificates was given by Expert Commision attached to the National Library. 2 of the certificate was given for the literature that will be shown in the exhibition, one of them for the purpose of regular prosecution to foreign countries, and the last one was given for the books sent to the museum operating in Georgia named after M.F. Akhundov. Throughout the year a rewiev was given to Koran by State Customs Commitee.





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